Mosquitto is a lightweight MQTT broker from Eclipse. Since it is lightweight, it is very suitable for Internet of Things applications that use low power sensors or embedded systems.

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport(MQTT) is a protocol that uses a publish/subscribe model for Machine-to-Machine communication. It has a client and a broker. The clients are devices that send or receive the data whilst the broker is a server.


Install mosquitto here.

In the Arduino IDE, click on Sketch at the top. Then go to Include Library -> Manage Libraries.

In the manage Libraries window, type PubSubClient in the search bar and…


Periodic Interrupt Timer(PIT) is one of the timer peripherals for the KL25Z series. PIT can be used as a trigger for modules like the Timer/PWM Module (TPM), Analog-to-Digital convertor(ADC), and Digital-to-Analog converter(DAC). This means that the PIT can be used to trigger the TPM module to generate pulse width modulated waves, and it can activate the ADC and DAC to do their respective conversions.

PIT can also be used to trigger very simple events like toggling the states of a pin. An example can be seen in the short video below. …

Developer Student Club(DSC) is a community that means different things to several people across the globe. For me, it means growth and impact. Being a DSC Lead challenged me to be so much more in so many ways both in my tech career and my personal life. It challenged me to be a better leader, a great sister, a better daughter, and a best friend. It helped me realize that the greatest opportunity you can either create yourself or be presented with, in life is the opportunity to give. DSC gave me this opportunity, and the more I poured out…

This article is to help anyone that is struggling with a similar issue whether in VSCode or Android studio. I couldn’t start my emulator for a while 😥. It always showed a black screen with the prompt “Resetting for cold boot. Emulation engine failed”. In VSCode, I got other alerts like “Emulator couldn't connect in 60 seconds”. I had to connect to an android device using a USB to run my applications. That wasn’t very fun for me so I decided to find a solution to the problem.

The Solution

Open the directory where your emulator.exe is located. It will probably be…

k-NN is a supervised machine learning algorithm that is used to solve classification problems. It is a lazy learning algorithm because it only generalizes data after a query is made. It does instance-based learning. This means that k-NN simply memorizes the training data(without any active learning) and makes a prediction using the similarities between the data points.

For instance, comedy movies have a lot of scenes that are hilarious and make people laugh. Horror movies, on the other hand, have scenes that are very frightening. Therefore, if a movie has a high number of scary scenes, then it is likely…

Image of active fishermen in Cape Coast, Ghana by Anthony Pappone on Flickr
Image of active fishermen in Cape Coast, Ghana by Anthony Pappone on Flickr
Image by Anthony Pappone on Flickr

A major problem faced in the fishing industry has to do with lack of preservation linked with long storage time. These circumstances lead to the spoilage of the fish, thereby throwing the hard work and sweat of all fish folk into the cold dark abyss from whence the aquatic creatures came. Prior to their capture, fishes also stand a chance of dying prematurely as a result of a respective increase or decrease in pH or temperature. This event in turn leads to low production and income rate in fish farming since the dead fishes are rendered uneatable.

With this problem…

A healthy environment ensures a healthy community. This is the main vision of Ahote Sanitation Project. Ahote project is an initiative that seeks to create awareness of the need to cultivate environmental sustainability practices in our society. We do this by engaging the youth to champion positive social change in their own communities by introducing them to sustainable practices such as recycling and composting which is geared towards attaining Sustainable Development Goal 13 — Climate Change .Find out more about Ahote project here.


The organization currently works with other inhabitants of Berekuso who collect water sachet from households and pay…

Air quality is the degree to which the air we breathe is suitable and safe for breathing. Particulate matter , Carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and Ozone gas are some of the gases that reduce air quality. The Air Quality Index(AQI) is a scale which ranges from 0 to 500 and provides information on how healthy or unhealthy the air we breathe is. It also gives shows the health effects of breathing unhealthy air. The higher the AQI value, the higher the level of pollution and health effects. The air quality standard is commonly 100. …

Naturally, the air that we breathe sustains our life, but every second spent at Agbogbloshie seems to scrape off some of that human life. On October 20, 2018, I had a great experience at Agbogbloshie with some colleagues. It was almost unbelievable how this place came to be known as the capital of E-waste in all of Africa. This experience made me question the quality of air that I breathe everyday. Comparing the pollution levels(sensor) at Agbogbloshie to that at Ashesi University- Berekuso, there was a vast disparity between the values. …

Hannah Lormenyo

Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Ashesi University, Passionate about sanitation, data science, web development and Engineering.

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